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Oem - Audio Jack Adapter 2.5-3.5mm 49123 - Audio adapters - 49123

Audio Jack Adapter 2.5-3.5mm 49123

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: 49123
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Many mobile phones, PDAs and other devices use a small 2.5mm plug instead of the standard (3.5mm) headphones jack.

Male: 2.5 mm

Female: 3.5 mm

This can often be forced to use the original headphones.

This adapter allows your own favorite headphones or speakers to use at any apparataat (PDA, GSM, MP3 player) with a 2.5mm jack.

Cable Length included Connections: 10cm.

Among many other brands, these brands in some types using a 2.5mm jack: Palm One Treo, Sony Ericsson, Dopod, HP iPAQ, Motorola, O2 XDA, Siemens, QTEK, Xphone, Mitac Mio, FOOD, Léveno.

Ensure that your device uses a 2.5mm jack to buy this adapter.


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