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Screwdriver for PS4 PSP PSvita DSI 3DS 3DS-XL (Product not returnable)

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This small cross screwdriver for PlayStation Portable game consoles helps you easily open the console without damaging the cover. The screwdriver has a magnetic head so that the screws are not loosened after loosening.

Sony PSP-1000 / PSP-1004 (1e generatie)
Sony PSP-2000 / PSP-2004 / PSP Slim & Lite (2e generatie)
Sony PSP-3000 / PSP-3004 / PSP Slim & Lite / PSP Brite (3e generatie)
Sony PSP-N1000 / PSP-N1004 / PSP-Go (4e generatie)
Sony PSP-E1000 / PSP-E1004 / PSP Street (5e generatie)
Sony PCH-1000 / PCH-1004 (PS Vita 1e generatie met Wi-Fi en OLED)
Sony PCH-1100 / PCH-1104 (PS Vita, 1e generatie met Wi-Fi, 3G en OLED)
Sony PCH-2000 / PCH-2004 (PS Vita Slim, 2e generatie met Wi-Fi en LCD)

Also to be used for:

PlayStation 4

PS Vita

Nintendo DSI 

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS-XL

Your attention for the purchase! Buy this product only if your device is suitable for this. You can see the suitable devices at the top of the description.

This product can not be returned. In case of return, it will not be processed and you will not be refunded.

For additional information you can always contact us before the purchase!

9 Articles

Data sheet

Special screwdriver
Target platform
Gaming console tools
Device model
Nintendo 3DS XL
No warranty applies for this item
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